Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy trailer looking good…

As a British geek, it's inevitable that I grew up loving Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy Series. One of the many other British geeks just sent around a link to a new Hitchhiker's Movie Trailer

I must admit I was ready for a Hollywood butchering, but it's looking like it could be very funny indeed. The other British Geeks seem to approve too, and right now they're in the middle of a long mail thread demonstrating their unlimited knowledge of Hitchhiker's trivia...

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  1. anonymous says:

    I agree, the trailer looks great. Apparently some people are worried that the trailer represents a movie filled with nothing but slapstick humor in which people bang their heads on things, but assuming Hollywood has stayed true to their source material, any fan of the books knows to expect a lot more from it.

  2. SBC says:

    I lived in England quite a few years (did my O/A levels there) and am certainly looking forward to that movie.

  3. Alex says:

    for some reason i always imagined the white robots to look alot more evil than that… or is the white robot over there marvin?

  4. I think the white robot with the huge head (brain the size of a planet…) is supposed to be Marvin.

  5. Mark says:

    im sure that alot of the movie will be slapstick….but thats british humor…..if hollywood took away from that it just wouldnt be the same

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