Paul Murphy is already having fun with the December Team System CTP

Paul Murphy has already posted 3 posts on his experience so far with Team System:

Team System December CTP -- I

Team System December CTP -- II [Bringing up a Domain Controller] (there is a huge amount of detail in this one about how he configured his servers – read it if you want to know some specifics about a working configuration)

Team System December CTP -- III [First Impressions]

One complaint that we’ll no doubt debate at great length internally:

· checkin is NOT A WORD. 😉

Looks like other folks have also been debating this ...

Does this mean that “WorkItem” is not a word too?


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  1. Uwe Keim says:

    Is this the Mr. Murphy from "Murphy’s law"?

  2. G. Man says:

    The lexicon is ultimately defined by the words that people use, not the other way around. You can’t just declare something is "not a word" and make it so. That would be like me screaming "Blog is not a word!" a couple years ago.

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