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I'm just discovering how rapidly the Visual Studio Team System blogging universe is expanding. Here is our “official” blog, AskBurton - “Burton” being the internal codename for VSTS. We're obviously supposed to try to use the official name, but don't be surprised if you hear the name Burton being used by us for a while to come.

In the coming months, I think the plan is that AskBurton will feature columns from a variety of people throughout the whole Visual Studio Team System organization. The first entry there is from Sam Guckenheimer, who is not only a Group Product Planner for Team System, but also was the mastermind behind the main Team System session at Tech Ed.

If you do visit AskBurton, make sure you check out the comments. There are some interesting discussions taking place, with input coming from some of the senior Burton staff.



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  1. David says:

    Having one Burton blog is a great idea, but right now it only has one post. There are tons of Burton posts on individual developer’s blogs. It would be nice if the team blog included those posts. That way, there would be one place to go for Burton updates.

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