All things must pass – time for something new

If you check my blog regularly you'll have noticed I've been rather quiet since the launch of Speech Server 2004. After five great years in speech I decided it was time for a new challenge, and so I moved to a new position as Development Manager inside the Visual Studio organization.

Until this week, the product I've been working on hadn't been publicly announced so I've kept a low profile here on my blog. However, as of this week at TechEd, everything is out in the open and it's time for my blog to catch up!

I'm now working on part of Visual Studio Team System - specifically on the Work Item Tracking component. Expect my blog to start talking about this over the coming weeks and months - I haven't been working on it long but getting everything ready to demo at TechEd has already been a wild ride!

I'll probably still bring attention to interesting things about Speech here and there (as far as I know I'm still the only MSFT Speech related blogger) but don't expect me to keep this up for long...

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  1. Ian Rae says:

    Good luck with Team Server — it sounds like quite an advance over the 1990’s style visual studio that we’ve come to know.

    Sorry to see you leaving the speech arena. I do hope some other microsoft folk in speech server start blogging. I work for Pronexus, which has just released VBSalt, a toolkit that sits on top of SASDK. I’ve started a speech-server related blog at

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