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Kai-Fu Lee's official keynote:

Picture gallery at:

In particular take a look at Bill visiting the speech stand


See the balding guy in the white shirt at the left? That one's me...


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  1. Looks like he’s got the SPOT watch.

  2. Yes, he must have the SPOT watch on because he is struggling to keep that arm in the air with the burden of that brick on his wrist.

  3. LOL 🙂

    Yes it was a SPOT watch – the Suunto one if I remember rightly. They are a touch on the large size, but one of my team has them and they’re pretty cool. One of the best things about it is that it automatically syncs with his Outlook calendar – so he always knows what meetings he’s supposed to be going to, and where they are. This has been helpful to me when we’ve been travelling across campus trying to remember where we said we were going to meet someone…

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