PDC Speech Session now online

Jon Nicponski’s session “ASP.NET: Speech-Enabling ASP.NET Applications with the New Microsoft Speech Server” is now online. This includes streaming video of a Speech Application SDK demo. It’s a pretty good session – especially when you consider that Jon had to step in at the last minute because Richard Irving who was originally signed up for…


Jason Nadal is working on a Speech2Blog application

Jason Nadal is working on a Speech2Blog application using the Longhorn speech API to take dictation and post it to a blog. Now if the blog page was navigable with the Speech Application SDK speech controls, that would be really cool.


Intervoice has live SALT sample application hosted on Microsoft Speech Server

One of the cool things I’ve just found on the Intervoice developer portal site is a sample application they have recently put up. More details (including the phone number to call) are at http://developer.intervoice.com/salt/locatorapp.html. You can dial into it, give it a zip code (or city/state) and it will return the nearest ATM or bank information….


Intervoice developer portal now live

A while ago I mentioned that Intervoice were launching a portal for developers working on applications with the Microsoft Speech Application SDK, and SALT applications in general. The site is now live at http://developer.intervoice.com. I haven’t had time to review the content in much depth but there is a lot there. I’ll post some more thoughts…


Microsoft PocketPC Voice Command

Microsoft Voice Command for Pocket PC is now available for download at Handango. It supports speech control of your Windows Mobile 2003 device to look up contacts, get calendar information and even control Windows Media Player. Note that this isn’t part of the Speech Application SDK, or the Microsoft Speech Server offerings – it’s a…