Position filled!

Finally I've managed to fill the open position on my team - I'm extremely happy 🙂

It seems like it has been open for a ridiculously long time, and I had been starting
to despair. If positions stay open for too long, there is always a risk that the open
position could be transferred to another team.

Amazingly, it seems to have been tough to find high quality candidates with the sort
of skills we're looking for. I've seen plenty of people who looked great on paper,
but the interview process here is extremely rigorous, and it tends to weed out all
but the very best of candidates - and if a candidate just has a bad day, or is extremely
nervous, or something like that then it's hard for them to make it through the whole
interview loop successfully.

Still it's actually been quite a fun process in some respects. I've chatted a bunch
of really great people, and found out about some of the other cool projects they've
been working on - and meeting people who want to find out about the position on my
team always gives me an opportunity to wax lyrical about our group and the projects
we're doing, which is something that always gets me very passionate. I'll probably
miss it, but it will be very nice to concentrate on 'real' work instead of spending
so much time doing recruiting.

Comments (1)

  1. Eric Wilson says:

    Here Here to the rigorous interview process at Microsoft! I interviewed their for an intern position. Not only was I interviewed by four different people for 8 straigt hours, but since I was from the East coast I was still dealing with a four hour time difference as well. Add that to the fact you are interviewing for "MICROSOFT", and it is enough to make even the strongest canidate look like a drooling moron by the end:)

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