Windows Mobile SDK: Navigation Aid

OK, here is my latest (and last for a while) attempt to ease Navigation of the Windows Mobile 6 SDK by means of a nice picture. It might be a little wide for this blog design, but you get the idea. As before, it should be functional (i.e. you can click it). Feel free to leave…


Windows Mobile SDK: Using AppVerifier

Do you know what AppVerifier is? No? You’re not alone – I’m guessing that many Windows Mobile developers haven’t discovered this great tool for finding issues with C++ application. If you’re a member of that club, may I suggest this new screencast video that we just published to MSDN. It’ll talk you through finding, downloading…


Windows Mobile: Windows Mobile 6 SDK Documentation Update

We’ve just published an update to the Windows Mobile 6 SDK Documentation to MSDN. Now, don’t get too excited – this update is more of a “polish” that anything else, and we’ve focused on fixing up a few loose ends, improving some graphics and adding more explicit information on getting started and installing the development tools….