Windows Mobile: Windows Mobile 6 SDK Documentation Update

We’ve just published an update to the Windows Mobile 6 SDK Documentation to MSDN. Now, don’t get too excited – this update is more of a “polish” that anything else, and we’ve focused on fixing up a few loose ends, improving some graphics and adding more explicit information on getting started and installing the development tools….


Windows Mobile 6: New Content for MEDC Part 2

It’s been an exciting day here (that is, “exciting” in nerdy technical writing terms) as we’ve finally published our Windows Mobile 6 SDK documentation set onto MSDN, and so to the world at large. It’s actually still propagating to the MSDN site – there are 20 to 30,000 topics being updated! – so it takes a few…


Windows Mobile Docs, wherefore art thou?

Hopefully you are aware that the best place to read the Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK documentation is on MSDN. And certainly that’s something I’ve been trying to mention in this blog as much as I can. However, there is a small hitch in that MSDN is currently moving content to a new, faster, spiffier web…


Windows Mobile: SDK Documentation Update

The Windows Mobile SDK Documentation has been updated today, with a release dated September 2006. Please use this update as your primary source of information on the Windows Mobile SDK. This release replaces all others, especially the out-dated documentation that ships by default with the Smartphone and Pocket PC SDKs. The easiest way to use…