Popular apps on Mac vs. Windows

Thinking of switching / dual-OS-using Mac and Windows, but not sure if your favorite app is available?

Here's a list of the apps I use. Which ones do you need?



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  1. A dude says:

    Xcode (most people like to develop for a platform which will make them money). Even Xamarin Studio needs Xcode installed (on a Mac) to develop for iOS.

    SourceTree (sucks on Windows)



    1Password (sucks on Windows)


    iStat Menus

    Also, from your list:

    * Adobe XT is NOT a replacement for Sketch

    * Although OSS tools are available through Cygwin, setup and using them sucks on Windows due to command line and file system differences. You can’t graft a UNIX/BSD layer onto something that was never designed for it.

    Some things (most things) are just better on Mac. But don’t worry, most of the world is ignorant and “inherits” Windows from getting a low cost laptop at Best Buy.

    1. Tim says:

      Seems to me you are stuck on the use of those programs because you develop for iOS. As iOS developer you don’t have lots of alternatives. Most things better on Mac? Think again and see further than your iOS needs… Both platforms have their pros and cons, only convergence could break that. Oh wait Apple likes their monopoly, blame them instead of denying a reaching hand.

    2. Rich Turner says:

      I take it then that you’ve never looked at or tried Bash on Windows Subsystem for Linux?

  2. Any recommendations for a Sketch replacement?

    Have you tried Bash on Ubuntu on Windows yet?

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