Get started writing games for Windows 10 – Part 2

Happy Holidays! Way back in Part 1, we looked at how to set up a Windows 10 UWP app that would use MonoGame to draw some sprites on the screen. If you are wondering how to move things around the screen in a non-XAML kind of way, MonoGame is perhaps one of the simplest ways…

Popular apps on Mac vs. Windows

Thinking of switching / dual-OS-using Mac and Windows, but not sure if your favorite app is available? Here’s a list of the apps I use. Which ones do you need?  


How to build and run a HoloLens app in Unity using the Emulator

Here’s how to set up a development environment to write HoloLens apps, even if you don’t have a HoloLens. You will need a PC running the latest Windows 10, a game controller and a copy of Unity. The free Personal edition of Unity, will work fine. It won’t do any harm to have Visual Studio installed…

Keyboard and Trackpad shortcuts for Mac vs. Windows

Updated: Added a few more If you’re moving between a Mac system and a Windows 10 system, you might find you’ll need to reconfigure your muscle memory a little. Here’s a handy summary if you need help. You also might find a useful shortcut you haven’t used before.. Keyboard shortcuts Trackpad shortcuts Note: On a…