Here’s a Windows Store App to help you write Windows Store Apps..

Here’s an app which I wanted to make for a while. Answer a few questions, and the app will create a personalized list of links into MSDN and other sources to help you with your Windows 8.1 App. I’ve tried to find the key links to get you pointed in the right direction. This is…


Adding a Settings panel to Windows Store Apps

When writing software, it always seems that the last 10% of the project takes 90% of the time, doesn’t it? As I sit here polishing my Tenth Anniversary Microsoft Krypton Crystal award, I’m also wrapping up an app and getting ready to start thinking about hitting that ‘Submit” button, but wait.. this app accesses the…


Goodbye Team Foundation Service, hello Visual Studio Online

Team Foundation Service might be a name that’s new to you, especially if you are an iOS developer dabbling in Windows. (If you work at Microsoft, well, your entire life can revolve around the similarly named Team Foundation Server. What’s for lunch today? There’s probably a query to tell you if you’re eating in the…


Portable Class Libraries now supported by Xamarin on iOS

If you are a fan of C#, but you’ve also heard of these “smartphone things” and think they might catch on, you might want to check out Xamarin. Microsoft and Xamarin have just announced support for PCLs, which makes writing code that runs on multiple devices a lot simpler. Here’s the story.    


Unity 4.3 Announced – now with more Windows support!

Great news for game developers today: Unity 4.3 is out! This new release packs in a lot of new features. For starters, they’ve lost a dimension: yup, writing 2D games in Unitty3D is now a lot easier with a new editor mode and 2D optimized physics modeler. Other new features include improved scripting support (MonoDevelop…


Fix graphics glitches in VivoTab Smart ME400 tablet

I’ve been using the ASUS VivoTab Smart tablet as my laptop-replacement for a while now (it runs Visual Studio pretty well, but sadly lacks the 3D chops for Kerbal Space Program – the two pieces of software I use the most). Paired with the Microsoft Wedge Keyboard and Mouse, it makes a highly portable little…


Making a simple UITableView-like list in Windows 8.1

In my current project, I wanted to create a simple, UITableView-like scrolling list on the side of the screen, accompanying at larger panel used to display information. This is a very common “split view” in iPad apps, and if I was writing an iPad app (haha) I would use a UITableView to create and display…