The App Bar Reborn

When we wrote some topics on using the Windows 8 App Bar (such as the blockbuster hit Titlebars, toolbars and app bars) we wanted to make sure you could write an app that worked there and then, and would continue to work on any forthcoming Windows releases. However, now that Windows 8.1 is available -…


LINQ for Beginners

If you’re coming to Windows programming and C# from the world of iOS, you’ve probably heard tell of LINQ but aren’t quite sure what it is. Or maybe that’s just me. In any case, if you’re interested, here’s a quick primer on LINQ and how it might be of use. What is it? Imagine you…


Tips for Writing Windows 8 apps on a Mac

My current home Windows development set-up is actually a 15” MacBook Pro with Retina display. I use Parallels to run Windows 8.1 as a virtual machine, and keep it on an external WD Passport drive, which is connected over USB3. This is certainly speedy enough for me, and it’s nice to have a complete Windows…


More on populating a ListBox using databinding

So, you’ve created your ObservableCollection array, and set it to your ListView or ListBox as an ItemSource, and it works: when you add an entry to the array, the List control redraws itself. Life is good. It does seem rather limiting though, that you need to create an array that’s a 1D list of items….


Hello ListViews, so long UITableViews!

After writing apps for the iPhone, you very quickly get to used to UITableViews. A scrolling vertical list is ideally suited to the smaller screen of mobile devices (especially in vertical orientation) and there’s still scope for some advanced user interactions too (pull-to-refresh, or drilling-down to next level of lists for example). If you are…


TIL.. that using TFS with Parallels on a Mac doesn’t like Sharing

Today I was setting up Visual Studio on my MacBook Pro using Parallels so I could continue working on a project while away from my desktop PC. I re-installed Visual Studio Express, and quickly downloaded my project from the TFS source control system I was using. Did I mention I love the free TFS source…



I read about the Oculus Rift stereo-view, motion tracking gaming headset a while ago, but it was only at the recent Unity3D developer conference when I got to try it in person. The Oculus people were using an updated version of the current version developer edition for the demo, and so I was a little…