How to write a game (part 3)

So, four main characters with about ten actions and ten to twenty frames of motion for each.. plus all the baddies.. weapons.. Ahem.. HOW many drawings would we need? And these need to be done by when? Lesson learned: Never underestimate the time your artwork will need to get created.  We’ve hit the reset button, and…


Game developers don’t eat cheese

Last Friday I attended the annual Shindig, at which various Irish games publishers – and companies with offices in Ireland – gave presentations on the state of games development in Ireland (strong, and getting stronger) and developers talked technical and demonstrated their latest projects. It was great: mobile development is definitely the in-thing these…

How to write a game (part 2)

Writing a game is difficult, but we’re rapidly learning that getting the art for the game is just as difficult. In fact, given that we’re all nerds rather than artists, it’s even harder. The options are to use thousands of frames of character animation, use 3D models, or do cunning stuff using minimal art and…


How to write a game (part 1)

I’m very interested to see this site which records the process of writing a game (Darwinia+) and getting it published on Xbox Live Arcade. We’re working on several game projects here too, so hopefully can we benefit. Currently we are at the design stage, and I’m already worried.


An excellent idea came from lunch today: Scroga – the combination of Yoga and Scrum. Normally we do our 15 minute scrum standup meetings in the morning just, well, standing around. Now we can combine them with Yoga poses. Talk about agile and flexible methodologies!  

I am the Empire too.

I’m not a particularly subtle person. Which is why I wore my nice green “I’m a PC!” t-shirt (with only a hint of irony) to the Tipperary Game Flaedh. I was probably supposed to wear Microsoft approved company khakis and blue shirt, but pfffttt… this was for kids. Also, I don’t own any khakis or…


It wasn’t that far..

I’m back from The Games Fleadh in Tipperary, where I was lucky enough to be a judge in one of the games categories, and hand out a rather nice cup. It’s always hard to pick just one winning team when everyone had worked so hard, but that’s the way it goes. Fantastic to see the…

GamesFla…gh… thing. In Tipperary.

This year I’m going to be a judge at the Tipperary Institute Gamesfleagh ( which is very exciting but also worrying, as  1. I can’t pronouce it, and  2. I’m going to have to find Tipperary. Is it a long way to Tipperary? I’m not really sure, but I’m reliably informed that I can take a train….

Snow Day

After working in Microsoft’s Redmond campus for almost ten years, I was used to the two or three days a year when it snowed and complete and utter panic ensued. It was always exciting to watch the entire city of Seattle grind to a halt, and the Microsoft campus being closed – usually to howls…