Ireland joins The Mesh

Yesterday, the Live Mesh team expanded their Technical Preview to include Ireland (and Canada and India).

What does this mean? It means that if you are in one of the countries covered, you can sign in to Live Mesh and try it out.

If you have more than one computer, you'll love Live Mesh. Imagine having folders on your desktop into which you drop files, and access from anywhere you have internet access. The folders are automatically synchronized between all your computers, so now your desktop and laptop can share files without you having to worry about copying things to and fro, and remember which system is storing which version.

There's a lot more to Live Mesh than this though. As well as forthcoming support for devices and - woohoo! - Macs, you can open remote screen access easily, record a history or changes, share notes, and more. Live Mesh isn't merely an application, it's a platform. Microsoft does platforms. It's our thing. 

At the moment, using just my Hotmail address, I've been able to set up all my desktops and laptops to share folders and it's painless and useful. The day when all our stuff will be in 'the cloud' just got a little bit closer. Try it out for yourself.

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