Mesh for Mac

If you happen to be an Apple user, you’ll be interested to know that Microsoft have released a Mac client for Mesh. Mesh is a cloud-based storage system, that works by creating a virtual desktop you can access over the internet – as well as synchronizing folders. It’s cool, and it works on Macs and…


Games Studio 3.0 – Oct 30th

Very please to see that Games Studio 3.0 will leave Beta and have a full release on October 30th! I’m hoping the list of countries that will be able to access Community Games is expanded to include Ireland. Currently it will be US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, and Spain.


Revenge of the Goats

XNA is a wonderful thing, and what makes it even more wonderful is that it is supported on the Zune. All you need is a Zune updated to the latest OS, and the beta of Game Studio 3.0 (and Visual Studio C# Express or better). In next to no time I was able to get…


Coding in Bed

Today at the lunch table I discovered that I was the only person there not to have done any programming whilst in bed. I’m not sure what to make of this. For a minute I considered this as meaning I wasn’t as “hardcode” as the rest of them, but then I remembered that in a typical…


Goat Attack!

 In the time it took me to post about XNA Game Studio 3.0, I was able to download and install it, and create this amazing smash-hit title: Goat Attack.   Yes, it really is that easy to make games from the 1980s in about an hour. This one has a scrolling tiled backdrop, and SpriteBatch…


XNA Game Studio 3.0 Beta Released

I told you more good things were coming: XNA Game Studio 3.0 Beta has gone live. This is a huge update to the XNA development system, and delightfully includes support for writing games for the Zune media player. Yup, don’t let those fruit-themed phone guys have all the fun, and get your SpriteBatch running in…


Xbox 360 Price Cut for UK and Ireland

It’s a great time to be an Xbox fan: the price is coming down this Friday to 180 Euro, or 160 UK quid for the Arcade version – that’s quite a deal. You can also get versions with 60Gb and 120Gb hard drives, which are probably a better deal in the long run. Still, you…


Exploring around MS Dublin

This weekend was the first weekend I’ve been in Dublin and left to my own devices. It was also the first weekend I’ve had transport other than my bicycle, as I have ironed out the issues relating to importing my motorcycle from Seattle and got it legal and running. As luck would have it, Saturday was…


Bug Hunting

Recently I was trying to debug some code, and getting nowhere. So I went for a walk, and within about thirty seconds of being away from the problem realized I had to be looking outside the bounds of an array. When I got back to my desk, voila – that was the exact problem. So…