Ah, well this is interesting. If you can read this, I managed to adjust the date when this blog entry would be posted to a week after I left Microsoft. At this moment, I'm probably enjoying some very unhealthy fried food in Belfast. So thanks again for all the comments you guys have left on my blogs over the years: your feedback make it worth doing. Keep in touch!

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  1. Informative says:

    Well while the latest runup in MSFT stock is exciting, I’m always puzzled how a company can expend THIS much whithering brute force effort on building entire web portals around things and yet have so little content as to be like being jetisoned into the vacuum of deep space.

    I came to the Developer section, the MSDN section and the Express software sections.  So far the only thing I’ve been able to find is an express version of PONG from the coding4fun section in every version of Visual Studio from VB9 to C#.  Bravo!  I’m sure some cool kid in sunglasses like the ocean of ones they have MILES of images of – one for every web page it seems – is ubah jazzed about PONG in C#.

    What I was seeking for days and not finding is a simple way to code some basic input output old school programming for a Blackjack phone runnnig Windows Mobile 5.  

    Sadly to get any information on this you have to FISH a million yards of blogs, some snotty, some groovy, some boring and some empty to find NOTHING.

    You’d think with MSFT spending more than the GNP of sweeden on these HOT RAD COOL web sites that there would be one that dealt with basic desires of regular people who want to maybe build their own lookup table of info or translation or conversion of whatever to make their PDA devices a bit more useful.

    This is not me giving up it’s just me wondering how Microsoft can manage to keep the lights on when nobody is home and nothing they throw warehouses full of cash at seems to -DO- anything.

  2. Faceoff says:

    Hi man,

    I was in Belfast two month ago. It is very nice and cool city. Have a nice day in it and do not forget us from WM forum.

  3. Mr Cynical says:

    Ah, well what you have discovered is that MS doesn’t consider you part of their target audience for development.  You aren’t a leading ISV, you aren’t an Enterprise Development person. Your someone who wants to write code at home. MS is getting very good at actively discouraging developers like you.

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