Windows Mobile 6: New Content for MEDC Part 2

It's been an exciting day here (that is, "exciting" in nerdy technical writing terms) as we've finally published our Windows Mobile 6 SDK documentation set onto MSDN, and so to the world at large. It's actually still propagating to the MSDN site - there are 20 to 30,000 topics being updated! - so it takes a few hours.

You can find the docs here:

I'm personally pretty excited about this, as there are some new features in the docs that we've not tried before. Of course, we've tried to include coverage of all the new Window Mobile 6 features, but we've also included a very obvious indicator as to whether a given topic applies to Windows Mobile or Windows CE, something that was always a bone of contention in the past. Your comments are welcomed.

We have a new feedback mechanism - so we can decided which topics are "sub-optimal" and need more work. We have new, expandable content sections (we'll be adding content regularly). And we've provided tons of links to other resources including the Wiki. The links to the Wiki are a bit of a gamble - my hope is that we can help you by using the Wiki to make corrections, add new content and get some suggestions, without having to wait for the MSDN update cycle. I guess we'll see how it goes!

 OK, enough blathering. Go enjoy Windows Mobile 6!

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