Windows Mobile 6: New Content for MEDC Part 1

Finally, now that MEDC is under way, we're starting to roll out our new content for Windows Mobile 6.

  1. The very latest Windows Mobile 6 SDKs are available here to download.
    You should definitely give them a try! All you need is Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition or better. Once you have installed the SDKs, you can write applications that will run on Windows Moble 6 devices - but as there aren't any available just yet, you can write applications for the included Windows Mobile 6 Emulators. Very nice. And when the new devices do appear, you'll be all ready.

  2. New video tutorial: What's New in Windows Mobile 6: Sound APIs.
    This is a good one: Sandeep talks about the new APIs for playing sound in the Windows Mobile 6 universe.

  3. New video tutorial: An Introduction to Developing for Windows Mobile 6.
    This one is ok. Some idiot (i.e. me) tries to explain Windows Mobile 6, and what you'll need to get started writing applications.



Comments (3)

  1. 40th Floor says:

    What’s different from this refresh and the ones dated Dec 06, made available a couple months back?

    Why no 480×800 emulator (for what Toshiba is using)?

    Are the ("storage card") file system bugs in the emulator fixed, or is it still the same?  Those bugs make the thing useless for serious testing.

    This is a long-standing bug:

    This is apparently a new one:

    Also, the cellular emulator won’t take a com port 10 or above.  that makes it useless for real machines, which typical have BT installed somewhere and com ports out the … oozie.  That makes that tool useless.

    It’s surprising that in this "day and age", so little useful info gets disseminated.  A lot of useless stuff on pages, and so little meat.  I mean, I CAN sit through 28 minutes of video and get maybe what could be read in 5 seconds, but … right, that’s a minor the point. haha  Anyway, where the USEFUL info?

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    OK, let’s have a go here.

    The main difference as I understand is updated emulator images. I will confirm.

    480×800 is quite rare at the moment. I’ll ask if there are plans to cover it.

    I’m not sure which Storage Card bugs you’re referring to. I’ll ask.

    I’ll follow up with the CellEmu team.

    Let me know would you class as USEFUL, and we’ll try and make sure we publish it.



  3. 40th Floor says:

    Cell Emulator appears to be working.  For whatever reason the emulator is using COM3 now, and, while, there’s no COM3 in the periphs drop down to select (there are several COM#s there, but no COM3), I can manually type it in.  So, that’s probably working.

    Useful info would be a list of that which has changed since the Feb07 wm6 sdk.  I found not a word on what was changed.  I suppose it may not matter to those that haven’t used it, but for those that have, knowing what has changed (as in, fixed — or is that just a bit too wishful) is useful info.  Watching a 28 minute low-Q video of (was that you) scrolling through a video list, playing a video (well, playing the audio of a vide that wouldn’t display) is not that useful.  Enough on the video (haha, don’t they edit those?)

    The SD bugs (re: emulator) are serious, critical, dead-end, show-stopper bugs.  The links go into them.  I brought them up because I suspect they are still there (they were in the Feb 07 sdk, but then I don’t think the mages fix the emulator — even though I -would- think a whole new .bin image would correct these sorts of OS bugs).

    I suppose the difference in size could be an emulator image or two, but from what I saw in the description, nothing new was added (same images as before).  At least, I don’t see anythig new.  There is a big file size difference:

    06 12 20  13:00  407,102,464 Windows_Mobile_6_Professional_SDK.msi

    07 05 02  03:11  476,838,400 Windows_Mobile_6_Professional_SDK_Refresh.msi

    06 12 20  13:00  157,869,568 Windows_Mobile_6_Standard_SDK.msi

    07 05 02  02:46  220,790,784 Windows_Mobile_6_Standard_SDK_Refresh.msi

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