New SDK Doc Release – But do you want to know?

Over on the Windows Mobile Doc blog, I just posted an entry about the freshly-released February documentation update on MSDN. You can read about it on the blog, or see for yourself on MSDN. The point of the blog is to allow you to subscribe to the RSS feed, so you'll know when something changes.


I'm wondering - if we stick to updating the blog only at SDK doc updates like this one, you're not going to get that much traffic. Our larger updates are unlikely to be monthly at this stage.


But tell me this: do you want to the blog to update every time there is a new sample, or new whitepaper, or some bugs are fixed? How granular do you want your reminders?


My own opinion is that RSS feeds are unobtrusive enough so that too much information is better then not enough. What do you think?

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