What’s your favourite format?

I've been lucky enough to get to play with a Universal Pocket PC Phone, and I think I like it a lot. The screen on this thing is just gorgeous - it's VGA - which means that text is rendered so smooth it looks better than paper.

The size and weight of the Universal makes me think of my Velo 1 Handheld PC: the first Windows CE piece of hardware I owned. Windows CE v1.0, 4Mb of memory, 4 or 16 greyscales, built-in modem, weird expansion memory slot, and battery life of a few minutes - how I loved it. To constrast the Universal has a VGA colour screen, built-in WiFi and GPRS mobile phone, standard memory expansion and works all day.

The Universal VGA screen makes the eBook Reader application look great, but it also works very well with Remote Desktop Client (or, if you are occasionally naughty like me and stray from Microsoft from time to time), VNC. See the picture to see just how naughty I get.

Still - I do miss the sheer pocket-ability of the Smartphone. What is your favourite form-factor? What would be your IDEAL device?

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  1. leppie says:

    I really want one of those… 🙁

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    We’re hiring 😉

  3. Ronny Gydar says:

    Being an "old-school-PDA-guy" I must say that the JasJar/Qtek9000 is KING!

    I started with an HP 95LX, a DOS based gadget that I even used for full blown C++ development of PC apps…those where the days! 🙂

    Have had a bunch of PDA’s, phones, handhelds, so forth…but the ones with a keyboard always end up as my favorites.  And the JasJar is a little Chameleon (was that typed correctly?) can be used as a "normal" pen based PocketPC, and as a good old fasioned handheld.

    Too me it is either a "full functionality thing" (big, heavy, but reeeealy usefull ==> JasJar/Qtek9000)…or a "tiny, but still fairly usefull" (Smartphones like Qtek 8300).  The ones in between I always end up feeling is either too big, or miss some functionality.

    …but I would NEVER recommend the JasJar to my mum…it is for people who truly can appreciate it! 🙂

  4. John Psuik says:

    It’s simply getting too hard to choose…

    I love the O2 Atom, extremely small, built in FM tuner, makes it the perfect at-the-gym-on-the-treadmill device.  But now the G-Smart trumps that with a TV receiver, what next will they jam into these devices?

    I love the Palm Treo 700w, it makes it so easy to deal with email on the go, but I’m holding out even higher hopes for the Motorola Q.  

    I believe that just might be the ideal form factor.

  5. I have owned virtually every Microsoft mobile device out there from an HP 320lx though to an LG Phenom and other European devices.

    Recently I have had the Imate SP3 and not the imate SP5m.

    havet to say that with the increase in screen quality I am really missing a real keyboard but still want the device to be small. My bet is on the next generation blackberry style mobile 5 devices ie the ones with a keyboard built in and a landscape screen.

  6. peyman says:

    hand format jasjar

  7. MSDN Archive says:

    Unless they make a device that can shrink and expand depending on what I need it for, I think I’ll have to carry several…

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