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At the end of last year, we performed one of most successful surveys ever of Windows Mobile SDK users. We got a ton of great information, and I'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to answer all those questions. The lucky winners of the gift cards should have received their prizes by now - and if you aren't a winner this time, don't worry: we'll definitely have more opportunities for you to win in the very near future.

Although we are still analyzing all the information we obtained, perhaps the most striking feature is the number of pleas for more sample code in the documentation. I hear you. Personally, I need to see lines of C++/C# to funny understand a reference topic, and if I can cut and paste it into my project with minimal changes, even better (and that's one time that the Refactoring option provided C# in Visual Studio 2005 is worth it's weight golden bytes).

Anyway, if you have found a location in the docs where you think we should provide a some code, or if you want to suggest a technology that needs a complete sample, now is the time to say. I'm making my own list to get into the docs, but I would love to get your input too.

Just add a comment to this post: where in the docs would you like to see more code?

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  1. Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to the Windows Mobile Developer survey we created at…

  2. tadanderson says:

    Here are 2 blogs related to this topic:



    I don’t think the new kit is any better than the first Mobile 5.0 released one.

  3. Ronny Gydar says:

    Totally agree, there is nothing as illuminating as seeing some real code-examples!

    I work in a company that make mobile applications…and by that I mean applications that use the "telephony" of the Smartphone/PPCPE).

    Developing PDA-type functionality/applications, I actually think there is quite a lot of examples out there (at least compared to Symbian, which can be a real pain in that area:-).

    But when it comes to doing advanced things around telephone (more than just dialing a number so forth), like        using the modem directly, there is very little documentation even (have not found any good books even).

    I am sure that the amount of telephony code-examples and documentation will come increase a lot the next year or so, now that Windows Mobile "phones" are becomming  the norm (few "just PDA"’s left).

    So some code examples with advanced telephone use would be really helpfull.

    Since Telephony API is still fairly minimal in many areas (is fist version so it is just to be expected), telephony examples that call native code for some "wizardy" (like ATDT commands, which was/is something we really have struggeled to get to run properly) would be great.

    …in short; "Don’t forget all us Scandinavian developers (the land of cellphones:-), who is CRAVING for more telephone-examples"! 🙂

    Best regards, Ronny Gydar

  4. Ronny Gydar says:

    …sorry about all the typo’s…guess I was a bit fast in "hammering" the text out…hopefully it is still understandable!

  5. tadanderson says:

    Maybe this will contain some for the "Land of Cellphones" Guys…

    Pattern wise anyway….

  6. drasfr says:

    I would agree with the previous posters… As a new developer for Windows Mobile 5.0 it is really hard finding the right documentation, especially when you want to do advanced development.

    There is really a need to real-code example, short code, longer, things that work and can be compiled, copied and pasted. There is more need in the telephony area/API. Not just the basic functions. Like the "phone" program of my MDA, it has some great functions but could be improved dramatically. I have not found any documentation to do so.

    I am having really hard time finding easy to understand, code, samples, documentation on developement. I use C# personally.

  7. MSDN Archive says:

    I’m currently making a LONG list of topics to that need samples. Now’s the time to make specific requests…

  8. tadanderson says:

    I have been asked to submit my request here, but have never heard any feedback or seen action taken on them.


  9. MSDN Archive says:

    That link seems to be a link that provides feedback to Visual Studio in general.

    If you really want to see something happen, send a request to the Send Feedback link at the bottom of every WIndows Mobile topic.

    Those requests go into a database, someone replies, and a poor writer is assigned the fix. And then THEY reply to you. Seriously, try it.

  10. MSDN Archive says:

    (That comment wasn’t meant to dis Visual Studio. Respect, VS peeps in 41. You rool.)

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