AYGShell.. wait.. I get it.. doh!

I've been tinkering on Windows CE-based devices since.. um.. well, let's see, my first one was a Philips Velo 1 handheld PC, and I've owned at least one of each generation since then.

However, it was only last Friday when I heard someone talking that I worked out that the "AYGShell.h" include file is pronouced like "Egg Shell".

Anyone know what the history behind the naming of AYGShell? Is there more to the naming than just a terrible, terrible pun?

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  1. Peter Foot says:

    Since it’s a simplified shell for small devices perhaps it’s something like "All You Get" or maybe as it is for mobile devices it’s "Anywhere You Go"

    As you can tell I have absolutely no idea 🙂


  2. MSDN Archive says:

    This wis what I heard..


    Yet Another Gryphon Shell and then the first 2 letters are swapped

    Yagshell -> aygshell"

  3. MSDN Archive says:

    Jason Fuller has also posted on this on the Windows Mobile Developer Blog.


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