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I was trying (sort of) to keep the Mobile Developer Wiki a little bit of a secret until it had enough content to be useful, but news kinda leaked out. Still, there is plenty of stuff there right now, so it's worth visiting. Even better, I'm delighted to see new content appearing, almost by magic (by which I mean some developers have taken some time to add stuff, and I'm very grateful). You can go see for yourself: the Wiki is hosted on Channel 9, right here.

And just in case you are new to the idea of a Wiki, here's a quick Q&A session.

Q. What is a Wiki?

A. A Wiki is an interactive webpage. Think of it as a set of pages that everyone can change. All the changes are tracked, and you can even check if something has changed, or go back a few steps to an earlier version. It's an ideal way to capture FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Q. Can I add stuff?

A. Absolutely, that's the entire point. You can click on the Edit button, and make changes. There are links to instructions on how to style text, create links and so on.

Q. What if something is wrong?

A. Then change it! If a post contains a mistake, feel free to correct it. If you know a better way of doing something, then add that alongside.

Q. What if the Wiki is missing something?

 A. If a topic isn't covered, and you know something about it, consider adding it. If you have a question you can't find an answer to, go to the Help Me! topic, and add your question. Hopefully next time you check back, someone will have answered your question.

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