Favourite Nerd News Round-up

There seemed to be a lot of cool nerdy things happening this week. Here are some of my favourites. (Note, I’ve have no inside information on any of these – I’m just pointing to the sites).

  • I finally got a chance to use TiVoToGo on my Series 2 TiVo (thanks PRVBlog), and was delighted to discover that not only was I able to run Java apps on my TV, but I was also able to download TV programs from the TiVo to my PC, and from the PC to my iMate Jam Pocket PC Phone. Now I can watch my favourite TV program (Coronation Street) on the commute. It’s quite difficult to concentrate on the small screen AND ride my motorcycle, but I’m sure it’ll get easier. The quality is pretty amazing, and I can fit a lot of programs on my 1Gb SDIO card. That said, perhaps an Archos AV700 would be easier to watch…

  • Mars is coming back! It was two years ago when Mars’ orbit brought it close to Earth, and it’s happening again. Time to get my Nexstar 5 out and drive somewhere dark for a look. This time I hope to be able to take some pictures with my digital camera. Space.com has the information.

  • Looks like we’re entering a phase of some really cool new Windows Mobile devices appearing. From the square-screened iPaq hw6515 to the back-in-time-to-Handheld PC Universal, I’m not sure which gadget to lust after the most! And of course, I have to start saving for an Xbox 360, especially as I probably can’t afford a Scooba to keep my Roomba happy…

  • Finally, a cute animal story. Elvis the Robocat




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