Content Specialist – whatsthatthen?

It’s official – my new job title is Content Specialist for Mobile and Embedded ISVs. What does that mean? It means that if you develop software for Smart Devices – in particular the Pocket PC or Smartphone – and you can’t find the information you need, or you need more information on a particular topic, then let me know.


I’m your interface to the excellent team of programmer writers we keep locked up in this very building. I’m going to be helping them set priorities, by suggesting content and giving them feedback, and planning our overall documentation strategy.


I’m going to be at the developer conferences asking you what information you want, and how you want to be told it. If you listen out for a Belfast accent and someone looking uncomfortable not wearing jeans, that’s me. Come and tell me what you need.


Closer to home, I’m going to be annoying everyone in this Redmond campus location by poking around, asking questions, trying to tweak things, trying out new ideas and generally making a nuisance of myself. I’m going to (hopefully) get away with this by telling everyone I’m doing it on your behalf.


So, thanks to Microsoft for giving me this opportunity, and I hope all you ISVs bombard me with your opinions on the Mobile documentation (both on MSDN, and included in the product).


By the way, in my opinion, an ISV is anyone writing applications. I don’t care if you are a one man show, or a team of fifty. Your input is what’s important.


Cheers, and enjoy your St Patrick's Day tomorrow!






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