C# Express: Refactorwhating?

If you haven’t seen Visual Studio Whidbey beta releases, you might not have heard of “refactoring”. Refactoring is cool, and once you see it, you’re going to use it a lot. Here’s a brief explanation.   In the past, source code editor tools have been kinda dumb. OK, you can enter your code and the…


C# Express: My favorite IDE tricks

Having had reason to play with C# Express for the past few months, I’ve learned a few tricks that speed up my programming and just make life a lot more enjoyable. Maybe “tricks” is the wrong word – these features are kind of obvious once you know them, and most have been around in previous versions of…


C# Express: Getting Started

You’ve downloaded and installed C# Express and played with some menu options. Now what? We’ve tried to make it look friendly, but heck, it can still be intimidating if you’ve not used Visual Studio before. Here are some suggestions as to how to get started with C# Express.   New to C# and Windows programming?If…


C# Express: Get Help

Here are some more Help-related links for C# Express: Download MSDN Express – an expanded documentation set. Online version of the C# Express documentation – have a look if you are still undecided about installing C# Express. How and where to send feedback on C# Express and the docs – don’t hold back, speak your…


C# Express is here!

Well the Beta release is here, at any case. In fact, it’s so completely and utterly here that you can download and install right now from the MSDN Express site.   C# Express is designed especially for students, hobbyists and anyone who wants a download a lightweight version of Visual Studio that can still create…


Mother’s, SPOT and Starbucks – a sign of the times

You know that you are really living in the future when your mother sends an instant message to your SPOT watch telling you that Starbucks are opening their first coffee shop in Northern Ireland. Now when I return home for a visit I won’t have to wander around in a daze for a few days…


Tech Ed – Not.

Despite some rumors to the contrary, I’m not actually attending Tech Ed. For legal reasons, Microsoft doesn’t allow me to talk to real people face to face, after.. well.. I’m not allowed to talk about that. Let’s just say, a certain Ms. D. Barrymore isn’t as big a fan of C# as one might think…..


POOM the easy way

Pocket PC development has always been a secret passion of mine, and after writing a series of columns that appeared on MSDN, I still get emails asking various questions. “Are you the real John Kennedy?“, “Aren’t you dead?“, “Your columns suck, can I have a job writing them instead“ and so on and so forth….


Blasphemy on a Friday afternoon in the UE department

As you may or may not, know – heck, who am I kidding, of course you don’t know. Let me start again. I work in the user education department here at Microsoft, specifically in the Developer Division. Even more specifically, I work with the C# team. Today, as I was writing some stuff that some…


Desktop wallpaper / Screen saver image

What’s the subject of your favourite desktop wallpaper or screen saver image? Something relaxing? Something that says “hey, I’m a hip individual”? A photograph from your most recent holiday? Your most recent girl/boy friend? Inquiring minds want to know…