Gadgets: Cheap SPOT watches

If you think you might like the idea of owning a SPOT Smart Watch, but don’t want to spent more than, say, $100, here are two deals that will get you started from half that amount. And as you can have two watches per MSN Direct account, you can always buy a fancier, smaller, newer one…


C# Docs: MVP Doc Reviews

One of the hardest parts of my job is getting documents reviewed. We write a lot of C# documentation here (we’re not all Halo 2 addicts in this company 😉 ) and it’s vital that it all gets thoroughly reviewed. Technical accuracy, style, content, security, globalization issues – there are many different aspects to checking docs….


SPOT Watches

I’m a fan of SPOT – the technology behind the watches that use the MSN Direct service to receive information such as news, weather and even instant messages. This week saw the launch of a new channel of information – movie times. This is much more up my street than sports or lottery information. I…