C# Express: Edit and Continue

You asked, and the tireless programmers in the C# division listened. Edit and Continue was something that many C# users wanted, and wanted badly. The good news is that it's here, and you'll be able to try it very soon. Next week even.

For the uninitiated, Edit and Continue is a feature that allows you to put breakpoints in your code, run it, wait for it to stop, make changes to your source code and then carry on running it. No need to stop, make changes, re-compile and run. Used with restraint, it's an excellent way to quickly fix little bugs in your applications. Perhaps more importantly, it's also an excellent way to learn C# programming. You can't beat twiddling your code and then watching how it makes a difference in next-to-real-time.

Next week, a Community Preview Release of C# Express will be available for download, and you're encouraged to download it, try it out and give us feedback. In the meantime, you can more information in the MSDN Blogs (try Somasegar's WebLog for starters) and there will soon be a load of information on the Visual Studio Dev Center.



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