C# Express: Some sample projects

If you are looking for some more samples to play with in C# Expess, I've written two projects that have just appeared on MSDN. Both consist of an article, and a project for you download and open right in your own copy of C# Express.

Web Browser Express
This project will create a neat tabbed web browser with a search box that talks to the new MSN Search Engine.

A simple graphics program for loading, processing and saving images. Add your own filters and other features.

If you have ideas for other C# Express projects, please do feel free to suggest some!



Comments (11)

  1. Juan David says:

    I downloaded the .msi file from msdn and it’s corrupted do you have the original project?

  2. John says:

    I’ve just tried downloading the Web Browser project, and it seems to work.

    Make sure to save the file first, then expand it.

  3. John O'Donnell says:

    How about showing how to create a mouse odometer which appears in the try area of my desktop so I can track in realtime how far my mouse has trundled around my desk 🙂

  4. Julian says:

    OK What happened to the comments that were initially invited on the Web Browser Express Page?


  5. John says:

    Eh? Nothing has been censored, as least not by me. I get notification of every comment that appears, and there are all still here… Did you post something?

  6. Found a minor bug. If you create a new tab, close it, then try to careate another tab, the call to thiswebpage.GoHome() in button_newtab_Click() throws an exception (Form.cs line 53). I think you just need to add a call to webpages.Remove(thiswebpage) in button_CloseTab_Click().

    Otherwise nice sample. It’s given me a good change to play with the new debugging features.

  7. carlao says:

    Good article!!

    Mainly because I also posted a similar article some time ago at http://www.codeproject.com/dotnet/ZeBrowser.asp

    This is a very interesting way to show some new features about C#.


  8. John says:

    Great minds think alike? 😉

    I like your use of strips. Looks great.

    I’ve also found a similar project in C# Programmer’s Cookbook, an awesome book by Allen Jones that I can recommend to any C# programmer wondering "yes, ok, I get C#, but how do I do so-and-so?".

  9. kevin says:

    I can download it but it won’t expand. Can you double check the file. thanks.

  10. John says:

    It’s good: try turning off your antivirus software, and as someone else posted, save it first and then expand it. Or email me and I’ll email it to you directly as a zip.

  11. Peter says:

    I think this is great program! I have made a couple of minor changes already since I downloaded it yesterday. Had it populate the combobox with recently typed urls. Changed the newtab function to display home page as opposed to what was in the combobox. And some other tweaks!

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