Desktop wallpaper / Screen saver image

What's the subject of your favourite desktop wallpaper or screen saver image? Something relaxing? Something that says “hey, I'm a hip individual”? A photograph from your most recent holiday? Your most recent girl/boy friend?

Inquiring minds want to know...

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  1. Todd Spatafore says:


    When do you get to see your desktop?

    When does your computer sit idle long enough for the screen saver to come on?

  2. I change my desktop constantly. And, though I never understood why people would take screenshots of their desktops, I have documented all of my home and work desktops for the last 3 years.

  3. John says:

    Hold on – you have a diary in which you say things like "Monday 26th April. My new desktop image is of a cloud that looks like a VW Beetle" ?

  4. Marius Cristian CONSTANTIN says:

    I have a picture with Minnie and Mickey mouse in a boat. I know it’s a picture for kids, but…

  5. I have screenshots titled desktopYYYYMMDD.jpg

  6. Boring says:

    I run with the blank screen saver (30 minute delay) and the default blank blue background. This habit harks back to the days of machines that were so slow you could see it repaint each block of the desktop when the region was invalidated. I guess in my head it still feels more efficient to cut the fluff, even if it really doesn’t make a difference. However, as mentioned above, I never see my desktop anyway so it makes sense not to bother making it look pretty.

    This isn’t the answer you wanted, is it? OK, just for completeness pick one and say that’s what I have: abstract art/an anime character/a picture of a sports car/a mountain view/a scantily clad model.

  7. I have 2000+ images in random rotation over 3 monitors with a 15 minute cycle. Abstract wallpapers, lots of fantasy images, some movie and game images. Using a custom background generator (mine)

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