Gadget Bleeping Overload

So as I was sitting working at my desk this afternoon, three things happened:

  • My SPOT watch bleeped to tell me I was due for a meeting in 15 minutes,
  • My SmartPhone bleeped to tell me I was due for a meeting in 15 minutes, and
  • My copy of Outlook popped up a dialog reminder (and bleeped) to tell me I was due for a meeting in 15 minutes.

Thankfully my Pocket PC wasn't on my desk at the time, or it would have joined the choir of bleeping. I couldn't help but consider the possibility that I had slightly too many reminders for this meeting. I wonder if we need to start thinking about smart ways to bug people.

As I was driving to the meeting, and thinking of my gadgets (although clearly not actually using any gadget whilst driving - that would be insane, as it would interfere with my drinking coffee and eating my raspberry scone, not to mention reading my GPS device *) I got to wondering how my latest device (a Canon Rebel Digital SLR that although ugly, I'm in love with) could be improved in the next few years.

The only thing really wrong with this camera was the fact it was still based on memory cards. I had to remove the card and plug it into the card reader on my PC, or connect the camera to my PC, before I could see the pictures. Wouldn't it be better, I reasoned, to build a Wi-Fi style technology card into the camera along with some local storage. The camera could then update the images my central database - either at home or on the 'net somewhere - as soon as it detected a pubic Wi-Fi spot, so I wouldn't have to worry about filling up the memory card. Better still, my friends and relatives wouldn't have to wait until I mailed them the photographs: thanks to modern technology they could be bored almost immediately by simply checking a website. Oh yeah, I'm assuming that Wi-Fi or some other wireless technology will blanket the country pretty soon.

Then I got where I was going, and my watch started bleeping to remind me that I had another meeting later on. The phone chimed in. If a reminder goes off, and no-one hears it, does it make a sound?


* - I'm kidding.

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  1. Darren Rowse says:

    great post – I can relate to all those ‘beeps’. I think digital cameras have gotten to a standard now of technical specs that we’ll begin to see a few more of the types of features you’re talking about – it will be great. Also we’ll see more video and still integrated. Of course there will be more ‘beeps’ too… 🙂

    Nice blog btw

  2. Glenn Carey says:

    *Everything* beeps thesedays… from parking ticket machines to hoovers. 2004 – it’s like living in an amusement arcade!

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