Happy Holidays, especially to you “Bill Gates”.

For one brief shining moment, I actually believed Bill Gates had read my blog and left a comment. Sadly, the comment was a joke about my name (apparently I share it with some famous American person), and the IP address it came from was a server based in Amsterdam – so I really doubt I did get a…


Gadgets: Cheap SPOT watches

If you think you might like the idea of owning a SPOT Smart Watch, but don’t want to spent more than, say, $100, here are two deals that will get you started from half that amount. And as you can have two watches per MSN Direct account, you can always buy a fancier, smaller, newer one…


C# Docs: MVP Doc Reviews

One of the hardest parts of my job is getting documents reviewed. We write a lot of C# documentation here (we’re not all Halo 2 addicts in this company 😉 ) and it’s vital that it all gets thoroughly reviewed. Technical accuracy, style, content, security, globalization issues – there are many different aspects to checking docs….


SPOT Watches

I’m a fan of SPOT – the technology behind the watches that use the MSN Direct service to receive information such as news, weather and even instant messages. This week saw the launch of a new channel of information – movie times. This is much more up my street than sports or lottery information. I…


C# Express: Edit and Continue

You asked, and the tireless programmers in the C# division listened. Edit and Continue was something that many C# users wanted, and wanted badly. The good news is that it’s here, and you’ll be able to try it very soon. Next week even. For the uninitiated, Edit and Continue is a feature that allows you…


Jetlag and Attributes

I don’t really want to have one of those blogs were I regail you with details of my recent travel exploits, the fun I had being folded into economy class across the Atlantic, details of my family and friends, what I think of sharing a Shuttle Bus to the airport and back.. I mean, let’s…


C# Express: Pick a name, any name.

I recently got into bother because of my rather lax use of variable names in some example code. As someone who has the job of writing code samples that programmers like you are going to read when you glimpse at the C# documentation, it’s important that I at least set a good example. So I read…


C# Express: Using the Visual Basic MyServices Namespace

Visual Basic programmers have been keeping something from us: My Classes. The My Classes are some jolly useful methods that wrap various .NET Frameworks code, and make it quick and easy to do some otherwise tedious stuff.   However, rejoice, for we C# programmers can use them too. Here’s how:   From the Solution Explorer, right…


C# Express: Some sample projects

If you are looking for some more samples to play with in C# Expess, I’ve written two projects that have just appeared on MSDN. Both consist of an article, and a project for you download and open right in your own copy of C# Express. Web Browser ExpressThis project will create a neat tabbed web…


Collaborative Networking – Sharing Documents

One subject that is currently interesting me is real-time sharing of documents over a network. Imagine being able to to work with someone on the same programming or writing project, even if you are thousands of miles apart. I regularly use Instant Messenger’s “Request Assistance“ option to help my mother back in Ireland with her computer, but…