Source code for the OneNote Merge Pages powertoy and a tedious test task

  Reader Mark Jordan made a request last week for the source code for the Merge Pages powertoy at  Jeff Cardon graciously agreed to release it, and you can download it here.  Down at the bottom of this entry below my signature is the link for attachments and the compressed file is there.  …


A new powertoy (nee test tool) used to find OneNote pages with embedded files

  FDO stands for “File Data Object.” This probably only means anything to us, but I wanted to point it out to be complete. If you click the FDO button and it turns gray and gets disabled, check this out to ensure you have the .NET programmability support for OneNote installed. It’s not fast, and…


Problems with syncing notebooks to SharePoint because of embedded files

The test team received this report from a person having problems with OneNote syncing notebooks on SharePoint and I want to share the fix for it. He has a notebook on a SharePoint server and was seeing this problem: Couple with: There’s a lot going on here, so let me try to explain. First, the…


Unwanted troubleshooting on a new tablet

  Hewlett Packard updated their tx1000z tablet recently to a new model, the tx2000.  The previous model had a touch screen, which I think of as a passive tablet screen.  The stylus actually has to touch the screen to work.  The new model has an active screen – you can hover and “right click” with…


Still "living in the OneNote cache"

Last week when my tablet died I lost the hard drive which held the most important notebook I use in my day to day work.  I was fortunate enough to have shared the notebook and connected to it from a second machine.  Here’s what I immediately did to ensure I would not lose my data….