You don’t need to micromanage the recycle bin in OneNote

A few months ago I wrote a tip about emptying the Recycle Bin to save space ( While that is valid, there are a couple of points that have been mentioned by readers since then that I want to share. First, as pointed out by Chip at the original article, the Recycle Bin icon was…


Check out Linked Note Taking with OneNote and Powerpoint

Check this out – our own program manager, Alex Simmons, wrote a guest post over on the PowerPoint blog about using OneNote 2010 while taking meaningful notes on slides.  Well worth the read! Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,John


A nice tip to create desktop shortcuts to OneNote pages

Saw this over on the discussion group: too good to not pass along.  Pete Wood gives a good step by step for creating desktop shortucts to OneNote pages at Update 10/11/13: that post is gone, so I wrote an update on my blog here: Be sure to hop over and check it out.Questions,…


An example of lightweight To Do management with OneNote

A question I get now and then is “Does the OneNote team use OneNote to get work completed?”  The answer is “Of course!” (and it is interesting that I get asked this) and here is one example. A few years ago we were tracking our automation work to do list of work items. In a very…


Super OneNote power user tip: Moving outlines one pixel at a time

Kim sent me an email wanting to know if it was possible to fine tune the position of outlines on a page. She wanted the fine tuning to be one pixel at a time, and she also wanted this functionality to be accessible via the keyboard. After poking around a bit, here’s how to do…


Free OneNote "cheat sheet"

Check this out:  Lifehacker found some free cheat sheets for many office products (and other apps) at  The reason this jumped out at me was the image they used in their preview:  OneNote 2007!  Nice!  I already took a look at it and it looks very good.  Be sure to check it out. Questions,…


A quick test and tip for OneNote audio search

Looking through the newsgroup this weekend showed this comment: basically, this person was having some difficulty getting audio search working well. I had some problems with this in the past and wanted to share a tip to possibly get this working better for you. First, the quality of the audio should be as high as…


A registry key for OneNote worth backing up

Looking through my Sent Items folder in Outlook for the past few weeks, I realized I had asked and told a few people about this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\OneNote\OpenNotebooks I’ve had to modify the contents of this key a few times for troubleshooting recently and I always keep this backed up on my dogfood machines. Let’s…


Changing the format for the Inserted Date and Time in OneNote

I saw this question posted last week on a previous post I had discussing the Date/Time format in OneNote.  I also got a few emails asking this same question from different users so I figured this may be interesting to write about. “I am having trouble figuring out how to change the format of the…


Code for image rotator and some upcoming work for test

I got a request a few days ago to see about posting the code for the image rotator powertoy. Gary agreed to go ahead and release his code and you can get it here now. The link is at the bottom of this entry. Another request that comes up every so often on the newsgroups…