A quick test and tip for OneNote audio search

Looking through the newsgroup this weekend showed this comment: basically, this person was having some difficulty getting audio search working well. I had some problems with this in the past and wanted to share a tip to possibly get this working better for you. First, the quality of the audio should be as high as…


Calendar templates for OneNote

I found another blog here which showcases templates for different applications in Office.  It’s called (in the most straightforward naming manner I can imagine) the Template Blog and they posted some updated for year 2008 calendars at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/results.aspx?qu=CT102633041033&av=TPL000&ofcresset=1. The OneNote team in general gets frequent request for templates for calendars, and this update should be useful.  Also…


Still "living in the OneNote cache"

Last week when my tablet died I lost the hard drive which held the most important notebook I use in my day to day work.  I was fortunate enough to have shared the notebook and connected to it from a second machine.  Here’s what I immediately did to ensure I would not lose my data….


Testing OneNote performance with huge amounts of text on a page

  I was reading the newsgroups a few weeks ago and saw this question: “Will onenote run better if I keep my pages shorter?”  OneNote performance is pretty good overall, but I had also noticed when I was creating my  Project Gutenberg importer that things “went haywire” if I were to paste the entire text of…


Using personas to help develop setup tests

  Last week I wrote about two different types of testing.  One was setup testing: the very time consuming process of ensuring an application installs correctly.  The other was using personas to develop tests to ensure people can use our software in specific scenarios for which it was designed.  We can tie the two together,…


Using OneNote’s customers as a basis for designing tests

  One of the more easy to explain testing techniques we use at Microsoft to ensure our software meets the needs of users is that of “persona testing.”  Actually, personas are used to define new features first, so let’s start there.   Suppose we wanted to add a new feature to OneNote.  Our first choice…


Setup testing

  Imagine a feature of Internet Explorer or some other browser which would automatically delete items from its cache after some set number of days or months if they haven’t been used.  For sake of argument, let’s say the default value is 6 months.  So you browse some website and get some HTML pages, a…


Comparing a tester to an "enthusiastic user"

  Back in October, I made the statement that I had to transition from being an enthusiastic user of OneNote to a tester when I left Outlook to move to the OneNote team. I’ve been thinking about that for awhile and wanted to explain what I meant.   I think of making software as a…


A bug with the powertoy in development

  We’re polishing the tools I wrote about last time and getting ready to release them next week.  The “bug bash” went well.  We found some good corner cases to cause some different crashes, got new sets of eyes to provide feedback and generally had a good time.  We’ve been fixing bugs and verifying the…


Powertoys in development

  I dropped a few hints last week about what we (the test team) has been doing recently.  And one other hint was my lack of entries for a week in mid-November – I was on vacation.  Vacation typically means long travel times, and what better way is there to fill the hours crammed onto…