Source code for the text importer for OneNote

Way back when, the server that held the source code for the text importer got shut down. Since this blogging platform limits me to one attachment per post, I had to post the executable for everyone.  I have received enough requests to let me know that this is a popular enough addin that people want…


Source Code for the updated Table Powertoy for OneNote

Just a short note today. Below my signature is the download file for the updates Brad Covell made for the Table of Contents / Table Sorter powertoy for OneNote. If anyone improves this further, feel free to ping me. If it really takes off, maybe we can even get someone to post it on….


Source code for the Bulk Ink Eraser powertoy

The source code for this powertoy is attached below my signature at the end of this column. It’s really just the inkeraserclass.cs  file- everything else is just the setup/interface for it. The code here was fairly straightforward but still took some time for me to understand how to get all the ink on the page….


An addin to help Visual Studio users with moving code to OneNote

David Tinney sent me this really nifty addin for Visual Studio 2008. It lets you copy code with formatting from Visual Studio into OneNote. It’s been a popular request from those folks out there that write a lot of code and I’m glad to see this type of addin get created.  Here’s the short description:…


Source code for the OneNote Merge Pages powertoy and a tedious test task

  Reader Mark Jordan made a request last week for the source code for the Merge Pages powertoy at  Jeff Cardon graciously agreed to release it, and you can download it here.  Down at the bottom of this entry below my signature is the link for attachments and the compressed file is there.  …