Favorites powertoy for OneNote update, and developing a test matrix

  Two things are happening.  First, Shu responded to you and updated his Favorites addin.  In his words, here is the update:   I just implemented a new version (1.6.1) of the OneNote Favorites AddIn based on some of the valuable blog feedback.   The new updates are: 1. OneNote Favorites Center become modeless dialog,…


Automation tasks for the OneNote test team

  Right now we have a little bit of spare “bandwidth” to complete some automation tasks which have been building up over the last few months.  The lingo around here never lets us refer to spare time: we always call someone who has a few free hours to spare as having “extra bandwidth.”  Like every…


Using personas to help develop setup tests

  Last week I wrote about two different types of testing.  One was setup testing: the very time consuming process of ensuring an application installs correctly.  The other was using personas to develop tests to ensure people can use our software in specific scenarios for which it was designed.  We can tie the two together,…


Using OneNote’s customers as a basis for designing tests

  One of the more easy to explain testing techniques we use at Microsoft to ensure our software meets the needs of users is that of “persona testing.”  Actually, personas are used to define new features first, so let’s start there.   Suppose we wanted to add a new feature to OneNote.  Our first choice…


Setup testing

  Imagine a feature of Internet Explorer or some other browser which would automatically delete items from its cache after some set number of days or months if they haven’t been used.  For sake of argument, let’s say the default value is 6 months.  So you browse some website and get some HTML pages, a…


A bug with the powertoy in development

  We’re polishing the tools I wrote about last time and getting ready to release them next week.  The “bug bash” went well.  We found some good corner cases to cause some different crashes, got new sets of eyes to provide feedback and generally had a good time.  We’ve been fixing bugs and verifying the…


Powertoys in development

  I dropped a few hints last week about what we (the test team) has been doing recently.  And one other hint was my lack of entries for a week in mid-November – I was on vacation.  Vacation typically means long travel times, and what better way is there to fill the hours crammed onto…


Two new items to track for OneNote enthusiasts

  It’s been very busy around here.  The upside to November and December at Microsoft is that plenty of people start taking vacation time, so there are fewer meetings and distractions at work.  That gives plenty of time to get caught up on all the low and medium priority tasks that have been piling up….


Table trouble

  I had to relearn the lesson of paying attention to details recently.  I was writing some code to work with OneNote’s table XML via extensibility, and could not get my code to work correctly.  After a couple of days of working on this in my spare time, I was just about ready to give…


Brouhaha with verifying my math script during automation week

  I tried to get my automation script for payment verification as part of the napkin math area checked in.  One of the testers on my team rejected it.  Here’s why.   First, remember the equation I was using: pmt(0.05;36;30000)=1813.033713614259   Ultimately, this is a hard coded string that the script enters on a page (up…