The Most Hilarious Outlook Configuration Utility Ever

I had to log into a computer this last weekend for the reserves. I’m used to getting frequent updates for all the software installed on the machine (and believe me, the navy equips their machines with a staggering amount of software) but I was totally unprepared for the Outlook "update and configuration" tool which ran….


A few Outlook tips

  Since I was on Outlook for so many years, I have been asked many, many questions on it.  I want to share my top tips, and offer one warning about a feature in Outlook as well.  Let’s jump right in.   Create a rule to delay sending all items by two minutes.  We jokingly call…


What is it with the Netherlands?

   First it was Theo Buis reporting a problem with merging pages and now Bart Wessels, a technology specialist in the Netherlands has some insight for us.  Bart contacted me a few weeks ago about some of the powertoys I had released on this blog and mentioned he was coming out to Redmond.  One thing…


Bug fix available for Vista users using Windows Offline Files

There is a fix from the Vista team for problems related to synching an offline file to a server and the file getting corrupted.  Dan Escapa has the details on his blog: I had seen this myself when trying to follow directions around here to get my “Documents” folder set up to roam and…


Creating an addin to test OneNote

I hope to show what it’s like to be a tester on the OneNote team. I transferred from 10+ years in Outlook to OneNote last November. The transition was hectic and I had to ramp up on a new product (which I love) and a new team (which I love) very quickly. In the spirit…