A bulk image importer powertoy for OneNote 2010

  “Vince” wrote to me a while back and asked if there was any way to update the text importer to import JPG files.  It seems he had hundreds of these files for an anatomy class and was getting frustrated with copy/pasting them one at a time into OneNote.  It turns out it was fairly…


Some quick notes on updating OneNote 2007 addins for OneNote 2010

I was asked how to do this and wrote up some “down and dirty” notes on what I found works well. Assuming you have a toolbar based addin, here’s the steps to get it working for OneNote 2010 (and only on OneNote 2010): Find and replace “2007” strings in schema namespaces to “2010” Delete the…


How to create a "floating" toolbar in OneNote

Gary Neitzke took a few minutes to create a draft of how to create a “floating toolbar” with your addins for OneNote. This is the tecnique he used for the image rotator. I keep putting “floating toolbar” in quotes for a reason. This really isn’t a toolbar, and it can’t be docked like normal toolbars….


A bug with the powertoy in development

  We’re polishing the tools I wrote about last time and getting ready to release them next week.  The “bug bash” went well.  We found some good corner cases to cause some different crashes, got new sets of eyes to provide feedback and generally had a good time.  We’ve been fixing bugs and verifying the…