Math and OneNote and art

Looking around my email last night, I found this note I had left for myself: “yrs ago I fell in love w math doodles as art Now I have student posting hers”  I had email this to myself and had no idea why – it’s been a while.  I clicked the links  (they…


Equations and TEX support for OneNote 2007

Couldn’t miss the chance to pass this along.  Dragonshorn Studios released a TEX (equation) editor addin for OneNote 2007.  You can get it at  I have not yet installed or played around with this yet, but it looks very interesting. Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,John


Equation support in OneNote 2010 and the clipboard

Equation support has received some strong positive feedback so far – thanks! Testing it has been a blast and it has been great to see that folks like it. I’ve been writing about some of the aspects of testing it, and today I want to give quick synopsis of copying and pasting "math" around. To…


Some soon to be updated documentation for napkin math

  I had an old machine give out on me earlier this week.  The memory on it had started giving parity errors, and the hard drive finally went out completely – fdisk simply would not even run any more.  This particular machine had been the machine I use to write automation scripts, so I had…