What I am reading and doing today

I stumbled across this site recently.  I had been looking for resources for how to convert myself to more of a data analytics type of role and really liked Swami’s Metro (transportation) style roadmap.  I like it so much I am using its influence to roll out a training session for other folks in my boat – the UI of this design is just so nifty I cannot pass it up.

So I have been heads down on creating some training materials, tearing apart Swami’s UI, customizing it for use around Office and then rebuilding it and getting other trainings identified that can help learn the skills needed for each stop along the way.

This has been taking a large amount of my time.  If you think I have been lagging behind, at least I can explain why this is happening.

Thanks for the perspective, Swami.  The eye catching nature of your chart really helps with approaching this type of learning!

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,

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