Sorting enhancements for OneNote from Onetastic!

Omer has updated his Onetastic addin to combine a lot of the most common requests I get for sorting sections, tables and other content in OneNote.  Here is the text of the email I got from him: New Sort Macros …There are six new macros are available that can be readily used and demonstrate the…

Closed bugs still on my plate represent work

One of the more powerful aspects of our bug tracking is that bugs can be closed but still assigned to a person. This makes sense when you realize the database tracks these two pieces of data separately. A bug can be either Active or Closed, and Assigned (to a human) or Assigned to Closed (status)….


Risk taking with OneNote and civet "products"

We love our coffee in OneNote. We have the Microsoft provided Starbucks machines, a Tassimo espresso maker, a Gevalia coffee maker and Gary even has his own brewer he uses on Fridays for home roasted coffee. Today I decided to order some of "that" coffee and we made a pot of it. And proof that…


Just getting back to the office after a week out

For me, this was an unusual time away.  I had no internet access so I am working to get caught up after being gone.  Some loose ends I am working to complete: 1. Marjolein has an interesting OneNote News Radar site at  I’m reading through it and working through another section of comments and…