Return of the OneNote twitter feed thanks to Raspberry Pi

Over the weekend I decided we had been without our twitter feed long enough and decided to do something about it. I did not have an extra machine to devote to the task but had heard about the Raspberry Pi being a cheap computer and decided to give it a shot. I stopped in at…


A small update to OneNote is available

For those of you running OneNote from the Windows Store, we released a small update yesterday. Mostly stability fixes and a few performance tweaks to lessen the memory we use are some reasons you would want to update. You can get it here: if you have an up to date Windows 8.1 machine.  I…


New computer day (again)

This is not at all related to the end of my Lenovo tablet, but last week I got a new HP machine and spent a few days setting it up.  From time to time we get updated machines for different reasons, and my old “dev box” was starting to show its age. This took longer…


OneNote Tip: getting ToDo checkboxes to work a little better with tables

Reader Heather C. contacted me recently with a question about how to get table rows to show with ToDo tags. Here’s what she had on her page: But when she looked at the tag summary, neither the capybara nor chihuahua was shown. The reason this happens is that the tag is associated with the text…


Enjoy this OneNote song while I track some lost blog articles

My blog seems to have dropped a couple of articles so I am working with our support team to track these down.  In the meantime, feel free to enjoy this song – just a little something that some folks around here kicked out: Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome, John


OneNote Tip: copy and move pages and subpages all at once

Reader Erin S. contacted me about how to move or copy parent pages and subpages from one section to another all at once. It is possible to do this and easy, so here is how: First, when you have subpages you will see a little chevron to the right of the page name when you…


Goodbye to an old tablet

Long time readers will know my love/hate relationship with my old Lenovo tablet. I loved the keyboard and the screen – it really feels like paper and pencil when I write on that surface, and no one has come close since. The keyboard was also amazing with a great feel – I really am sad…