A tedious task for today

One of the challenges of testing around Office is ensuring all the code changes partner teams make are correctly applied to the branch of code from which OneNote ships. Considering the array of branches we use (a topic I internally call "branchology") we do pretty well and track fixes very closely. Today was an exception….

OneNote Tip: Empty the notebook recycle bin to save space

I was cleaning up a laptop over this weekend and was trying to free some space on the hard drive. Since I had been using OneNote (of course) I decided to see if there was any way I could optimize the space it uses. I am a fairly heavy user of OneNote so I have…


A high resolution fix for OneNote

One of the changes in the marketplace since we shipped OneNote 2013 was the rise of high resolution (QHD and higher) screens. Some companies have released laptops and such with screens that use 2580×1440 pixels, or 3200×1800. If you saw CES, even higher screen resolutions are on the way as well. This is great. I…


Half past Bold?

No idea who came up with this clock idea, but it is cool and hanging on the wall near our team coffee machine: Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome, John

Follow up from the Coursera class

The 4 week Coursera class we took for Data Analytics is done. We took several approaches to this class and wanted to cover as many test bases as we could. Perhaps obviously, we were looking to brush up or in some cases develop some basic data analysis skills. That is a tall order for a…

OneNote Tip: Making tables from pasted text

I hit this situation last week and I am not sure if everyone knows this tip for making tables from pasted text. Here’s what happened. I had a database that I queried for some data and got 4 results. I copied the results list from the database UI and pasted to OneNote. At this point,…