A really great parody of shipping software

From my new friends in Yammer, here is “Ship it, Maybe”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0R3aBwcDtwU  (Sorry but I can’t get embedded video to work).   Light sabers, bell curves, and beer.  Wow. Well done folks!  Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome, John


This appeared outside my office

Looks like someone was busy creating a nice piece of art on the wall outside my office:     Pretty nifty if you ask me.  I like the purple leaves. Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,John


Holding on to duplicate bug reports

One of the ways we can resolve and close a bug around here is as a duplicate of another bug that already has been filed. This happens occasionally when two people notice the same defect and file a bug. It can happen for a variety of reasons – if I file a bug that is…


Clone bugs

I’ve been working recently with a group of "cloned bugs" and wanted to explain a bit about what they are and why it takes so long to deal with them. In this case, I hope you will understand why going slow here is OK. We have a code base that lives in what we call…


A really cheap estimate

One of the questions I was asked to answer this week was, “When do you estimate you will be done with ‘Project Caribou?’” There are a number of techniques I could use to answer this, and I have written about a few different models I have used in the past.  For this answer, I needed…


Creating a link to a OneNote page on the desktop

One of the blogs I linked to is gone, so I decided I should update the directions for those folks that want to create a shortcut to a OneNote page and drop it on the desktop. It’s not that hard but does require one little trick, so here goes. First, right click the page tab…


Tip: Restore the original image size of an image in OneNote

As I was working with pages in the printouts to OneNote, I right clicked one of the pages and saw the menu item for "Restore to Original Size." This is a pretty nifty feature in OneNote that I have never mentioned so I thought I would point it out. Here’s what it looks like: Now…


Coming up with estimates for test work

This week has been busy and one of the tasks on our plate is defining estimates for test work needed for the different items on our list. Getting test estimates correct is always a challenge since in a very real sense the test matrix for any (non-trivial) feature is infinite. This means that the test…