Tip for getting links to pages in a OneNote printout

Late last year I wrote about a tip for getting OneNote 2013 to print all pages of a printout to a single page : http://blogs.msdn.com/b/johnguin/archive/2012/12/27/tip-printing-long-documents-to-onenote.aspx

Radlinsky commented on this and wanted a feature to create a set of links that would navigate to each page image of the printout. That way you could jump quickly to the 17th page or wherever just by using a link rather than scrolling up and down on a page. This is possible in OneNote with one little difficulty but here's how to do it.

First, follow the directions above to print a long printout to one page. Then use CTRL+A to select every printed image on the OneNote page. You can scroll up and down to verify you have them all selected. They will draw with the little drag handles:


To show they are selected.

Then right click any of the images and select Copy Link to Paragraph:


Then paste at the top of the page - or any OneNote page. You will get a list of links to each printout page, in order, from all the images you have selected. So if you click the 4th item in the list, you will get taken to the 4th page of the printout.

That's the good news.

The difficulty is that all the links have the same name: "Picture on page "<<<the name of the OneNote page>>>" so it can be confusing to see which is which. You can select any link, though, and change the display text to be whatever you want. If you just want to number them, autohotkey might be useful here.

Anyway, I thought this might be a useful tip even considering the naming conventions.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


Comments (3)

  1. Awesome tip! Making the links a numbered list would be a quick hack to see which link corresponded to which page!

  2. I've been trying to do something like that myself with a Table of Contents that links to subpages in a Onenote Notebook. We're transferring our documentation currently in Word into Onenote so more than one person can update at the same time, but the auto hyperlinking doesn't seem to work.

    On another note, do you know why copy/pasting text from an indented line in a onenote document into a command prompt can sometimes/often add spurious text that doesn't appear on the screen? It's a pain when we have to copy data from onenote to notepad, strip out the extra characters and then paste into the command prompt.

  3. Alexander Demko says:

    This is a good solution. But OneNote 2013 has a bug with such type of links.

    I have two notebooks. There are links from page of first notebook to pages of second notebook.

    The links are set to specific paragraphs of pages.

    And when I click on the link – the page will open. But the paragraph will not be selected! The cursor will be on the title.

    But when I come back to the first page and re-click on the link – everything will be OK: the page will open and the paragraph will be selected.

    Such behaviour is not constantly: sometimes it works correct, sometimes does not.

    There is no such error in OneNote 2010. The links in OneNote 2010 always work correct.

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