Where I was last week

I got to go to McGill University (www.mcgill.ca) in Montreal.  I went to help find folks to come work for Microsoft as test or dev and overall I was impressed with the students there.  Good job, McGill!  It also was my first trip to Montreal and despite the airline getting me there late and causing me to miss Peter Sagan winning the Tour of Quebec, I really liked everything about it and look forward to going there on a real vacation some time.


I also got to do this:


and the talk went very well.  I spoke about technical interviews (yes, I know there are books and websites and such that have this), but I thought it would help to hear someone from a tech company validate the process.  My one metric I had about how successful it was is that about three times as many students showed up as registered for it, and it went well over 2 hours instead of the 45 minutes I was allotted.  There were a couple of other engineers from Microsoft with me and we decided early on to stay until we got everyone’s questions answered – I hope we helped!

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