The OneNote 2013 XSD is out

Just a quick FYI that Dan put it on his blog today:

If you write any applications that you think might be useful to others, let me know and I can link to them or post them here.

Now, back to testing OneNote.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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  1. Ben T says:

    I'm a long time OneNote user and love the look feel and operation of OneNote 13 with Windows 7 on Fujitsu Tablet ( passive screen )

    Has anyone had problems with the touch and select in OneNote on the new MS Surface? I cant get the text select tool to "hold" The app keeps defaulting back to the ink tool?

    I think the Windows 8 Tablet Input Panel took 5 steps backwards! Especially if you use a stylus and like to ink.


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