Printing to OneNote in landscape or portrait

This question came in the last week but I do not remember where - maybe a comment on my blog - but a OneNote user wanted to change the orientation of the printouts being sent TO OneNote.

This is possible and is one of the options available in the Send to OneNote printer. To change the orientation, go ahead and get your printout ready to go. Then when you choose the Send to OneNote printer in the printer chooser dialog, you will see a Preferences button below it:


Click that button and you get the Preferences you can set for our printer. There is really only one:


at the upper left and it controls Portrait or Landscape mode for the printout. If you wanted to play around with Advanced, you can set paper size and print quality.

So the functionality is there and it is just a question of knowing where to change this setting. I hope this is helpful!

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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  1. Frank says:

    Just started using One Note on a Surface 3 – this is so helpful since I've been looking for days on how to fix the orientation… resetting the orientation, letter size, etc… but going back to the printing page and using CTL SHFT P allows me to get to the preference; just CTL P doesn't show me the preference button. Finally,  rotating the tablet around is not a workable solution … people start looking at you as you twist your head around… !


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